• Rainbow Flax Bouquet (Large)
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  • Rainbow Flax Bouquet (Large)
  • Rainbow Flax Bouquet (Large)
  • Rainbow Flax Bouquet (Large)

Rainbow Flax Bouquet (Large)

“Uenuku” is the Te Reo (Maori) word (noun) for “rainbow”.

In Māori mythology, Uenuku or Kahukura is the god of rainbows. He is particularly revered by the Tainui and Ngai Tahu Māori.

According to legend Uenuku was out hunting one morning, when a beautiful girl appeared out of the mist.

He persuaded her to stay and talk with him and then to return to him the next night, and the next.

Before long, they fell in love… But sadly, because she was a mist maiden whose home was in the sky, she had to leave Uenuku each day at dawn.

The mist maiden finally agreed to marry Uenuku, on condition that he tell no-one about her. They had a few months of happiness, but she still appeared only at night and left at dawn.

In time a little girl was born to them, but sadly no one else could see them and therefore Uenuku was ridiculed.

Uenuku was persuaded to trick his wife by blocking the windows and door when she came to him one night, so she couldn’t see the sun in the morning. This he did.

But when the mist maiden realised he had deceived her, she took their daughter and deserted him.

Uenuku, bereft, wandered the world searching for his beloved wife and daughter.

Eventually, Rangi the Skyfather took pity on him and changed him into a rainbow, so that he could join his family in the sky.

Artiflax’s Flax Artist Sema, has created this large flax flower bouquet as a tribute to the legend of Uenuku.

It comes with a mix of beautiful rainbow coloured flax flowers of several varieties. The flowers are surrounded with multi coloured Hapene Flax foliage, and then beautifully wrapped with bright green fabric and gorgeous red abaca. This striking bouquet is finished off with apple green satin ribbon.

This bouquet contains approx 14-16 flowers and is approx 80cm in length.

Please note: Bouquets will vary slightly from the one pictured, depending on what flowers are in stock at the time.

  • $149.00